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Aliso Viejo9690
Del Mar4750
Hunter Mason110

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 Contact Imports

1 When importing contacts, you can choose to add them to a group by either selecting an existing group from the current groups dropdown menu, or by entering a new group name and clicking on the "Create New Group" button.

2 After selecting or creating a group, please drag and drop your xls or csv file into the upload area.

3 Once the file has uploaded, you will see a series of columns:
Column Name - This is the name of the each column from your uploaded file*.
*If your uploaded file does not have column headers, this will populate with the first row of data.
Sample Data - This is information within the first populated row for each column in your uploaded file.
What is This? - This represents the corresponding column data for import into Blue. The system will attempt to automatically match based on the header names from your uploaded file, but you will need to verify and select the correct data type with the dropdown in each row*.
*When matching address information, only use the"Full Address" selection when the street,city,state are in one column. Otherwise, be sure to select the idividual options.

4 Be sure to double check each of your selections. For columns that have no matching option in the dropdown, please choose "IGNORE". Once all of your selections have been made, please press the "Import" button to begin the process. A loading screen will launch - do not refresh or leave the page until it has completed.


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